“International Registration Systems” NGO is a Ukrainian non-profit organization that is focused on helping domestic and stray animals. The NGO is well-known globally for its social activities and cooperations with the world’s biggest animal welfare foundations. 

Between the main projects are:

  • free identification and registration of pets
  • stray animal censuses globally
  • shelters and volunteers support projects
  • advising governments and municipalities concerning humane methods for reducing stray animals
  • promoting adoption of pets
  • and others

Our mission is to identify and register all pets around the world (with an ISO microchip and visual tag like QR pet id tag), and to solve stray animal issues globally. Today all our efforts go to support pets and people in Ukraine.

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Both people and pets suffer from the war . The shelling leaves pets wounded, they lose hearing from explosions and some pets are left without owners at all.

A new initiative povidok.com has been recently launched. The goal of this project is to prevent as many pets from getting lost in an emergency as possible.

NGOs team has already partnered on this project with the largest chain of gas stations in Ukraine – OKKO (205 stations), retail chain stores ATB-Market (1100 stores), Zoo retail chain stores Master ZOO (64 stores), and others. The more money we raise, the more pet IDs will be distributed, so more pets will be protected from being lost.

The project implementation has already been started. More than 10 000 of pets has been identified by a tag and registered. The project needs to be scaled as soon as possible.
To support this initiative please donate to our fundraiser here – https://bit.ly/3LKgh86

How it works?

Pets in Ukraine can be protected by being identified with a QR ID tag and be registered in the Pet Care App by Animal ID (iOS, Android) free of charge. Thus, finding the owner or a person who takes care of the pet will be much easier. Instead of using a simple tag with a phone number and a pet name, there is no need for a QR ID tag to be personalized as it already has a unique QR code on it. It is very important point now as it makes it possible to provide a tag for each pet owner immediately.

The other important advantage is that much more information can be provided for the person who will find a pet by scanning a QR code, like additional contacts (of foster, neighbors, closest friends, veterinarian, etc); pets documents and vaccination records, information about allergies and nutrition, etc.

We are very grateful to all those who support our project as well as these poor animals in this difficult time. We believe that together we can definitely improve this world and the lives of people and animals within it.

Thanks for your support & help!