“International registration systems” NGO

Ukrainian non-profit organization that is focused on helping domestic and stray animals.

Our history began in 2011

Who we are?

“International Registration Systems” NGO is a Ukrainian non-profit organization that is focused on helping domestic and stray animals. Our NGO is well-known globally for its social activities and cooperations with the world’s biggest animal welfare foundations.

“International Registration Systems” NGO are  experts regarding solutions for animal welfare problems on an international level. Since 2011 our NGO has been a member of the biggest european database EuroPetNet. We partner with different international organizations  such as Four PAWS, DogsTrustWorldwide, NatureWatch Foundation, etc.

The project development has been supported by “1991 Open Data Incubator”, East Europe Foundation and “Kyiv Smart City”.

Our organization has gained practical experience and the results can be seen in the East European cities where our services are widely used.

How we help animals?

We are greatly involved in various social projects in animal care field such as:

  • free identification and registration of pets
  • stray animal censuses globally
  • shelters and volunteers support projects
  • advising governments and municipalities concerning humane methods for reducing stray animals
  • promoting adoption of pets

Our mission

The mission of “International Registration System”NGO is to identify and register all pets around the world (with a ISO microchip and visual tag like QR pet id tag), and to solve stray animal issues globally.

The purpose is to unite all data about animals in one online resource.

Latest news

  • Launched povidok.com

    Thousands of Ukrainian pets lives are in danger. Unfortunately, pets are lost during the evacuation. It is terrible to imagine how many animals were injured during migration abroad. So we are doing our best to solve that problem! We have prepared free QR pet ID tags for pets and their owners who are moving abroad …

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  • Helping animals together

    As part of the #TailedHostagesOfWarInUkraine initiative, we purchased 20 tons of animal feed from the Ukrainian manufacturer KormotechLLC. Aid to the pets has already been sent from Lviv to Kyiv for the needs of Kyiv region shelters. We would like to sincerely thank our friends from the Netherlands House of animals, who are constantly raising …

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  • New organisation UPAW

    Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide UPAW is a partnership of organizations united in order to achieve animal welfare. UPAW cooperates with the majority of Ukrainian animal protection organizations, animal unions in Ukraine and government agencies. This pooling of forces and resources gives more chances to attract humanitarian and financial assistance from Western companies and people abroad. …

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